Where was I, I forgot the point that I was making?


Initial thoughts

Since it's the first show off them RECORDING THE NEW ALBUM, they were super fresh and hilarious! I enjoyed the show so much and it lasted HOURS. Just nonstop fun. It went to like, almost 11, it was nuts. I got a crown, a signed CD, a flood patch and a lot of fun memories. I got dolled up in a flood shirt, green flood flannel, green flood pants, (cargos) and flood socks. My sister got a 2080 world tour shirt. They liked the venue and might come back a lot!

Crazy stuff

I swear they addressed me twice, once when Flans was like, "We'll get to these other questions later" and then talked about the new album (some drunk guy took it as BOOK, which he claimed to own now) and the second time was when I SWEAR Linnell was looking at me during When will you die, which I normally am upset with but THE ENERGY, I was so excited and I made it almost to the front, he could've been a bit confused how I made it so up front in the room, but I wasn't in the EXCLUSIVE TICKET BUYERS VIP section, I was like, 8 rows behind, but still in front. I still got a signed CD. It was really cool.

silly notes

Linnell kept acting like a mad scientist and Flansy was a cute little devil man. I have a whole monster cast now. coming soon, very frankenberry-esque. The footage looks bathed in light in the images, like they're underwater, it's crazy.


Recording of LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY OPERATION- (MAD SCIENTIST SONG) so cool. The footage is really good. I have a great phone

WARNING! Flashy lights!

Favorite songs:



I'm hoping to go to more concerts in the future! This was a lot of fun! I might pay for the VIP thing next time, MEET THE BAND. My parents don't object. It seems cheap enough.

HOWEVER... slight annoyances

The post show doesn't bother me. I dont think. Pretty sure it's just a meet & greet. It's perfectly fine, I'm over it, I'll probably go to one. ANYWAYS: There WERE people smoking, despite signs saying not to, there WERE a lot of drunk couples, swaying and hooting. (in the first set) by the second set, they were probably totally plastered. Some guy behind me during the first set kept poking me to move forward and it was really annoying. I was like "quit poking me!" in my head. I said nothing to him. Some lady got in front of me real close and I politely told her to move forward a little and she was like "ah, ok, sorry" and I was like "yeah, naw, it's fine". So that was the POLITE way to act. It's funny though. There were a lot of tall people in set 2 (i am infamously short) and I barely got a good view until towards, but not completely the end. I made it for a few great songs, the last like, 4 songs