No, not Jimmy Johns, silly, It's Jimmy Zenshins versions of the Johns, or the Jimmy Johnsonas, since Bluef00t said "No, I'm not including yours"

The Originals

Resemblance: 3/10

Adorability: 6/10

Grotesquerie: 8/10

This is from the first or second act of This Might Be a Musical, when John admits he understands Kol in his quest to hide. This one sucks and I hate it. But not enough to make it my profile picture for Jimmydubs_gaming!

The Next Day

Resemblance: 4/10

Adorability: 6/10

Grotesquerie: 9/10

These guys are more "realistic" designs. I dig Linnell's Troll face in this pic. I like the addition of the Flansbeard. this flans looks like the real flans sometimes, especially the arms.

Zobies?!??! They Tried to eat my brains through my eyes flans, my eyes

Resemblance: 8/10

Adorability: 4/10

Grotesquerie: 10/10

full disgustin' over there on Flans. I turned him into a raccoon. This and the whole zombie thing were based on What if and some story I read based on JL being atheist or some crap idk. And idc. and Ifc. maybe not that last one. I not IFC, I wish I was. I KFC. so... Also, Linnell looks like Jordan from DLS in this.

Coffee Fury part 16

Resemblance: 9/10

Adorability: 2/10

Grotesquerie: 11/10

Even more gross here with my BWEEPURDEE John. I lovingly call these Linnells "Johj Libel" because I can. I am impressed by the morphs and the faces themselves. The animation in this one on John is like legit Adventure Time-tier level goodness. and that show is yogaballs grood.

Lugace in the DMV

Resemblance: 10/10

Adorability: 1/10

Grotesquerie: 7/10

dialing back the gross, I traced John in the studio. He is thinking about how he wants Tan Minivans to be mixed. He is also bored in the DMV per request of my Mom. MY MOM! MUSCLE MAN!