Hey guys. what's going on? It's June 2003 and I'm feelin fine.

Strongbad Email 74 came out and it was pretty good! I listened to Mink Car earlier today and was blown away by the song "My Man".

StrongMadBAth/StrongBadMath Lol

Hi, everyone, it's been a while. 20 years in fact. Almost to the day... Funny. Anyways, in that time, I've developed a single skill, free-diving headfirst out of airplanes

It's too bad Homestar never updated and They Might Be Giants never made another album after 2003. Almost like the internet stopped for a while. I'm living in the Borders MegaCity, Quadrant 47 Block 18, I have a party coming up there on 6/78/23. The months here are insane. February is like, 2 days now and November no longer exists. It's stupid. I mean,,, It's a wonderful bargain today at Borders!

blah blah borders