ENA News!

January 17, 2023- I asked Sleepcircle if I could join the ENA crew (animation-wise) and he said "maybe". He said I would have to animate in another person's style and I showed him my work on Dexy, he said I would have to do frame by frame and I showed him my work on my upcoming ENA happy lip sync video and he said I would have to animate CRAZY GOOD so I made a 1 second video of Jimmy crawling, which he said reminded him of Ace Attourney because the background didn't move. So I think I'll make a version where the background moves. Then maybe someday, I'll be able to join ENA. I now have a list of animations I will be making as practices to improve my skills. I will be making sure to get movement reference, however I'm PRETTY SURE I know what things look like moving, (ie joints moving correctly). I have BONES. (and the bone tool).

January, 23, 2023- At 2:0Something today, I will be joining the Joel G Patreon. If there is a patreon discord, that'd be cool, but I understand if there isn't one, that's perfectly fine. Otherwise, the whole deal will be that I can now look at and listen to the ENA Patreon stuff to my heart's content without feeling a shred of shame for my past actions concerning a certain website that should go unnamed so I don't show up in the Google search results for it! Looking forwards to this development, somehow reality is more bizzare than dreams, as per usual!

January 24, 2023- Yesterday, more around 4:2Something, I joined the Joel G patreon! The first thing I saw was an animation of a thing I had seen earlier on that illegit site, but it was cool to see the thing in action and in a legitamite setting where I'm paying for it the whole time! There are tons of cool things I want to share to my school computer, but i won't describe them here out of safety and keeping Joel's stuff behind a wall of payment. Go pay for the Joel G patreon, 2 dollars a month, it's not that much. Also, there is no patreon discord, because of it going haywire and stressing Joel out too much. I wonder if there's a WORKPLACE discord, though! The stuff on the Patreon is so cool. Definetley worth getting 10/10.

January 30, 2023- The Trailer came out! On Friday! At like, 10! I was definitely very excited to have seen it, I have seen it like, 10 times at this point. I really enjoy it and the patreon has posted once since it came out, and something about it is pretty cool! I won't say though! Anyways, I have worked more on animation and stuff, and the new gif I made to replace the one below is almost done being worked on, since it has some small things wrong with it or whatever. Like arm volume being uneven. I'll put it there once like, the picture in the background is publicly released.

February 1, 2023- No real new ENA stuff. The other thing posted to the patreon so far is concept art of the trailer. (I already mentioned that...) The gif below is not the one described before. Looking forward to the first ENA patreon post of the month! Also ENA Day! (PS: Anemoia is on Spotify now!)

February 2, 2023- It's too early right now to have done anything new, although yesterday I did draw the 3 ENAs in place of the Beatles on Album covers. Later on today I'm going to make an animation of ENA to the song "Saphirre Bullets of Pure Love", so that's fun!

Look out, last image that was there, I might make it into Dream BBQ™!

Jimmy News!

January 17, 2023- Page 498 is here! Not HERE here, but here as in I'm making it! So that means page 500 is just around the corner, especially considering how fast it took to make this page's first side! Jimmy ends up meeting me as a potao fish after freaking out about Jeff and Mister Potato being shapeshifters (Jimmy, not me) and he meets me and I show him the 425 book and THE PAGE he's on, which includes a looking at himself looking at himself, looking at himself loop that makes his nose bleed and he passes out. Then a snail Mister Potato and a normal Jeff come out and say Jeff was faking it while MP was the whole time. Then jimmy wakes up in a padded cell with a black and white version of himself from the 167 book, who proves to be weird and annoying. Jimmy sees a realistic eye (inspired by the fact sleepcircle has said I should get more art skills, so I drew a realistic eye from reference). He touches the eye and it makes everything real! In a sense.

January 23, 2023- Page 499 is here! Not HERE here, but here as in I'm making it! 500 is now more than ever before literally right around the corner! This means that more crazy stuff can happen! So, on side B, Jeff discovers he can't die to the tune of the song ToughtownBB by Graham Kartna, and then we see Jimmy in his padded cell, but he's more realistic! The old him is unaffected, except for the straitjacket, and reboot Jimmy escapes into the world. He hi-fives Katie 4 and she becomes in the new style, Jeff is touched by Jimmy and becomes new style, The CEO has a CenturiON of Large Voidian entirely, I think, and he evacuates everyone to Studio B-2, where they hide out and Jimmy enters in a cloak, then of course, on page 499, he presents his 5 fingered hand, Large Voidian declares he has the mark of the Evolver, Bioduck is annoyed by the "chosen one" trope and Lugace gives him some popcorn. So that's pages 498b and 499a so far.

January 24, 2023- It's still here! Bioduck is realism now!

January 30, 2023- Page 500 is upon us! It's a parody of that one song from the very begining of season 3 of community and also the exact lyrics of Dare to Be Stupid. Such a good song. I have drawn some of it and am going to finish those plans l8r on 2day.

February 1, 2023- Page 500 is still in the same state it last was. Jimmy ICE 14 is looking prooty cool and spooky, not exactly like Dream BBQ but evokes some of it. It's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOT of talking. Oh BOY. Best add as much flair as I can... Watching Groundhog's Day tonight to celebrate a day early and going to DND club because I can... I think?

February 2, 2023- I could, but with some issue. Yesterday I did more drawing of ENAs than Jimmy animation, so JI14 will still be in a while. I basically added nothing but the drawing for the next little section I'm animating. I think I might make the boss as a horse bow and his body go down accordingly. Now that's something 2020 me wouldn't've thought of! (2020 being the year I started animating, not the year I started Jimmy, that was 2017.)

Animation News!

New News!

Old News!

Jimmy and Jeff Road Trip- As you can (sadly no longer) see from the front page, I have been making an animation based on a prompt (by my mom) of Jimmy and Jeff going on a road trip. I included her on part 2 because she suggested a biker gang and I didn't do it in the first batch of 4 parts. I think the next comic I write (on the next side) will be another installment but Jimmy's name is crossed out and it's just Jeff discovering he can't die or something like that. Jeff is a weird character and him being unkillable would make some kind of sense.

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